Transport, logistics and forwarding. These three branches are the basis of our company’s operation. But that’s not all! We service trucks, deal with accident repairs, sell tractor units and even store goods. We never stand still, because we love when something is happening, and the satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance to us! Therefore, we are constantly working on the development of the company, the best possible organization of the supply chain and service facilities.

We provide forwarding and transport services not only in Poland, but also in every country within the European Union. We help and mediate in the exchange of goods, making every effort to ensure that everything arrives on time.

DSS Polska – we focus on experience and development!

What makes us stand out?

Fast, safe, precise, punctual – these words are uttered in the logistics industry almost all the time. Mainly on the part of clients and principals who care about the best quality of services, with a short time of operation at the same time. As difficult as it may seem, our many years of experience have allowed us to do just that!

At DSS Polska, we focus on building lasting relationships with our clients, offering them high quality services and constantly expanding the range of our services. Therefore, we boldly invest in various branches of our business, not being afraid of new challenges and focusing on the diversity of our offer. Everything for our current and future customers for whom we want to constantly develop.

» as befits a transport company, we never stop or shift into reverse gear! On the contrary – we are still moving forward, which can be seen through our continuous development and constant expansion of our offer,
» we take care of our clients at every stage of the service or order implementation. We will not leave you alone. You can count on the help and support of DSS Polska at any time,
» we are flexible. We operate wherever you need it, be it a small village in Podlasie or a large European metropolis,
» we care about work ethics and compliance with legal standards. Honesty is very important to us,
» over 10 years – this is how long we have been on the market, constantly transporting, planning and transporting something. Experience is definitely our distinguishing feature, which proves that we always know what we are doing and that nothing is impossible for us,
» in our work, we use only proven IT and telematics systems, as well as very carefully verify vehicles from our fleet,
» we just love what we do!


Domestic and international shipping department

ul. Zielony Most 8
31-351 Kraków

tel. 12 626 09 30
faks 12 378 34 75

email: krakow@dss-polska.eu


Domestic and international shipping department

Monice 3b
98-200 Sieradz

tel. 43 827 16 24
faks 43 827 16 14

email: sieradz@dss-polska.eu