District Vehicle Control Station in Sieradz

Lighting, braking and cooling systems, fluid levels, oil and filter changes… – these are only some of the elements that should be inspected regularly. It is optimal to do the annual and registration inspection with us. We guarantee provision of comprehensive service for your vehicle with attention to every detail.


The District Vehicle Inspection Station in Sieradz provides a number of diagnostic services. These include:

» official performance of registration inspections for passenger vehicles (up to 3.5 tons) and trucks,
» tire replacement and service,
» control of the wheel alignment and geometry,
» assistance in verifying vehicles before purchase,
» air conditioning service
» control of the suspension system geometry

SMALL periodic maintenance of the vehicle (2-axle tractor unit) 4.5 work hours:

BIG Periodic maintenance of the vehicle (2-axle tractor unit) – 6.5 work hours:

Change of:
» oil in the engine
» oil filters, fuel, air and cabin filters

Inspection of:
» oil in the gearbox and drive axle
» belts and engine leaks
» backlash in the steering and suspension systems
» brake pads and brake discs
» leaks from the pneumatic system
» lighting and, if necessary, lubrication of the suspension and the fifth-wheel coupling
» electrolyte in car batteries
» connecting a diagnostic computer

We add 0.8 work hour when replacing all filters.

The entire range of services for “Small”

Change of:
» all filters
» oil in the gearbox, retarder and drive axle
» adjustment of valve lashes – depending on the make of the vehicle, this activity may be connected with maintenance.

Our District Vehicle Inspection Station in Sieradz is a modern facility, equipped with the newest and top quality equipment. The inspection of your vehicle will be performed by one of our most experienced and reliable specialists, who will make every effort to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the service.
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Konrad Sowizdrzał