Do you know what a package is?

It is a product whose purpose is to protect another product against damage and the influence of environmental factors, but also to protect the environment in the case of transporting dangerous goods.

The packaging fulfills its functions in production, enabling the production of appropriate quantities of the product and their collection at the exit. Thanks to packaging, you can take care of the company’s marketing, as it helps to distinguish products from the products of the competition. They are an important part, if not essential, of your marketing strategy. Packaging is not necessarily disposable, its usability comes down to multiple use and environmental friendliness.

So what are their functions in logistics?

They facilitate the performance of logistic processes, conditioning the efficiency of transport, handling and warehousing activities. Properly selected individual and collective packaging accelerate the flow of goods, which has a significant impact on costs, or rather on their reduction.

We distinguish the logistic functions of packaging:

• Ochronna – powinny chronić ładunek przed utratą lub obniżeniem jakości podczas transportu i zabezpieczać przed wpływem warunków klimatycznych i czynników mechanicznych. Dodatkowo opakowanie powinno utrudniać kradzież towaru.
• Warehouse – shapes and dimensions must allow for maximum use of storage space, allowing for stacking and stacking on top of each other.
• Transport – the shape and dimensions must allow for the maximum use of the capacity of the means of transport, and their weight should be relatively low.
• Handling – should facilitate loading, unloading and moving between warehouses or support the storage process.
• Information – an important information carrier giving a signal about fragile, perishable goods or goods requiring special treatment. Packages must be clearly marked with pictures and symbols for a clear understanding of the message.

An important element is the marking and labeling of packaging, which in turn facilitates the identification of goods and thus increases the efficiency of their flow throughout the supply chain. Additionally, the quality and speed of customer service are improved. You should also consider facilitating warehouse, record and billing works, information exchange and the implementation of contracts with the company’s clients.

Packaging is made of: wood, glass, metal, fabrics, paper and plastic. They take various construction forms: crates, cages, boxes, sacks, bottles, barrels, etc. It results that they have different constructions and are made of various materials. One can distinguish between disposable and reusable packaging. Due to the intended use, the packaging can be divided into unit, collective and transport.

What are the advantages of entering barcodes for marking goods?

It is certainly the acceleration of commodity turnover and the reduction of costs related to their flow. In addition, it is possible to improve the flow of information and reduce the time of inventory inventory, but also introduce manpower savings in warehouse processes. Another aspect that is worth paying attention to is the improvement of the relationship between trade and production, accelerating customer service.

Packaging fulfills many functions and even more so has an impact on costs in the enterprise. At the present time, their importance is pro-ecological and environmental protection, on which special emphasis is placed. Thanks to packaging, we are able to take care of the company’s marketing strategy, but also the optimal use of the means of transport and storage space. One should not forget about appropriate marking and labeling, because thanks to such measures, the flow of goods and relevant information can be significantly improved.